Teachers & Staff

**These were the people who taught and shaped us more than they know!**

Most are from our years at DHS, and a few are memorable ones from CA Jacobs, Anderson, and Silveyville.   

If you were one of the people who got us through our school years and you would like to be a guest on this site to catch up with us, contact me and I will add you. 

If anyone knows how to contact any of these people listed, please let me know so we can invite them to catch up with us and join us at our reunion.  Also, if I have missed anyone on this list, or if there is a teacher, aide or counselor you would like me to add, please let me know.


John Abigana
Clark Adams
Sally Adams
Sue Adolph
Nan Banker
Roland Bell
Mike Berry
Marlin Boisen
Barbara Bates
Jonathan Borah
Georgeanne Brennan
Joanna Brooks
Ken Beyers
Sheri Cole
Judy Collins
Al Colombano
Sue Colombano
Gina Costa-Jones
Gale Cribb
Tom Crumpacker
Lynne deBie
Tony Dollenz
Merry Draffin
Doug Elf
Cindy Elf
Eduardo Eusebio
Ann Fagan
Richard Farshler
Loren Ferrero
Wendy Fine
Gladys Fisher
Phyllis Fitzgerald
Elizabeth Fleming
Carolyn Fritch
Sherrill Futrell
Suzanne Galloway
Pat Garrett
Charlotte Glenn
Damian Goetz
Mike Hennig
Arlene Jimenez
Bruce Jones
Pat Kennedy
John Knight
George Koonce
Barbara Kroesh
Gloria Lambros
Dana Lemkuhl
John Mach
Philomena Maio
Paul Moering
Jon Mounts
Paul Newchock
Janis Nicholes
Gary Nield
Greg Nixon
Gail Parker
Richard Pierucci
Lionel Ramirez
John Ramos
Judith Rosenman
Rhonda Rumrey
Ellen Rutledge
Bill Sampson
Bill Scott
George Skezas
Robin Smith
Elizabeth Smith
George Tognetti
Carlynn Townswick
Lynn Tracy
Robin Valencia
Bob Watkins
Norris Wilson
Archie Yelle